Acne scar treatment with Inbiotec Amber: Redefining skin regeneration standards

Acne, influenced by various hormonal changes such as pregnancies, starting or stopping birth control pills, or menopause, can persist beyond the age of 30 in some individuals. This common skin condition can be bothersome, although generally not a serious health threat, it can lead to permanent scarring of the skin.

Acne scars can be a significant issue for many people, affecting self-esteem and self-confidence. These scars can vary in appearance, from mild marks to deep and permanent scars. In addition to the physical aspect, acne scars can also remind individuals of the emotional pain associated with acne itself.

To treat these skin scars, succinic acid and hyaluronic acid are highly effective ingredients for skin regeneration, bio-stimulation, and anti-inflammation, present in our product Inbiotec Amber.

Succinic acid or butanedioic acid is an active ingredient that is part of the Krebs cycle, where it acts as a key intermediary facilitating energy production (ATP). The Krebs cycle is vital in cellular regeneration as it provides the metabolic precursors used in the synthesis of fatty acids, amino acids, and other cellular components. In summary, succinic acid is essential for energy production and for integrating different metabolic pathways in cells, making it essential for skin regeneration.

Additionally, this component activates cellular metabolism at the mitochondrial level, enhances and intensifies the synthesis of the skin’s two main structural proteins (collagen and elastin), increases microcirculation, and serves as an antioxidant by preventing cell genome damage (DNA and RNA) and lipid peroxidation of the cell membrane.

Thanks to various components including succinic acid (1.6%), a high concentration of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (1.1%), and its anti-inflammatory and depigmenting action, Inbiotec Amber is a very effective solution to improve skin recovery and regeneration time. Therefore, it is optimal for treating acne scars and pigmentation, providing hydration and protection, and acting as a chrono and photo-aging retardant product. The recommended number of sessions is 3 to 5 sessions with intervals of 15 to 20 days depending on the type of treatment.

An example of its benefits is the treatment of acne scars performed by Dr. Alba Ruiz from Clínica Londres, where after just one session of Inbiotec Amber, it helped improve skin quality within just one week after application. The attached image represents the results obtained from this treatment.

In summary, Inbiotec Amber represents an optimal and advanced option in the treatment of acne scars and skin aging, providing remarkable results in terms of regeneration, hydration, and dermal protection. Its comprehensive approach backed by science allows for effectively addressing aesthetic concerns associated with persistent acne in adults, offering personalized solutions and visible results for patients.



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