Adverse effects of injectable fillers: a must-have handbook for professional excellence

Libro efectos adversos

IT Pharma, in collaboration with a distinguished group of aesthetic medicine professionals, has contributed to the editing of this manual on the adverse effects of fillers, coordinated and written by Dr. Paloma Tejero and Dr. Susana Bordegaray.

Published in March 2024, this manual represents a significant milestone in the field of aesthetic medicine, gathering years of experience and knowledge from the editors along with other renowned experts. IT Pharma has played a crucial role in the realization of this project, providing support and expertise in the writing and editing of the book.

The manual comprehensively addresses the challenges and complications associated with injectable fillers in the field of aesthetic medicine, emphasizing the importance of entrusting their administration and treatment to professional hands. “Our goal is to prevent and avoid potential adverse effects, as well as to diagnose and treat them effectively when they arise,” says Dr. Paloma Tejero.

Furthermore, the manual explains the relevance of this guide in the current context, where adverse effects are on the rise, and it is crucial to have strategies to address them. It emphasizes the “Aesthetic Footprint of Injectable Materials,” recognizing the interaction between the product, the administering professional, and the receiving patient as key elements in complication prevention.

Dr. Javier Anido, a contributor to the book and author of the foreword, underscores the fundamental principles of “primum non nocere,” first do no harm, and “scire quam solvere,” know how to solve, as essential pillars in the approach of aesthetic medicine to adverse effects.

“Efectos adversos de los materiales de relleno inyectables” presents itself as an indispensable tool for aesthetic medicine professionals, offering not only theoretical knowledge but also practical strategies to address potential complications. As Dr. Blanca Miller points out, “this book represents more than just reading material, it is an investment in the continuous pursuit of professional excellence.”

For more information about the book and how to acquire it, please visit the IT Pharma website or contact the Communication department.


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