“Biopeptides are going to be the key ingredients in the cosmetic medicine treatments of the future”

Dr Yong Ji Chung, president of the biotechnology multinational Caregen, gave a paper on ‘Biopeptides in cosmetic medicine and their future in the sector’ at a conference organised by IT Pharma.

The conference on cosmetic medicine, organised by IT Pharma, was held on Saturday 1 September in Hotel Hiberus in Zaragoza.

Last weekend, Dr Chung, president and founder of the Korean multinational Caregen Co., which produces and distributes cosmetic medical products, gave a paper on ‘Biopeptides in cosmetic medicine and their future in the sector’ at Hotel Hiberus in Zaragoza.

In it he pointed out that ‘a great many ingredients have been used for cosmetic medicine in the past, but modern-day biopeptides are much more powerful and effective for a multitude of cases and patients.’ While the Korean company is involved in ongoing research into these amino acid chains, its president stressed that ‘Caregen has managed to develop more than 450 biopeptides, which will generate numerous applications in the future. Many active ingredients have been used in the aesthetic market over time, but peptides are much more powerful in comparison. That is because they act just like our own growth factors and cytokines, and this makes them much more effective. So, in view of the current conditions of the aesthetic market, peptides are going to be the key ingredients in treatments in the future“.


The event organised by IT Pharma in collaboration with TOV Medical also included a round table afterwards with the participation of Dr Chung, Dr Juan Miguel Pérez Díaz from Madrid’s Clínica Pérez Díaz, Dr Rafael Spagnuolo from Clínica Spagnuolo in Marbella and Dr Inma González, the founder of CISIG. The participants shared their experiences with current cosmetic medical cases, the types of treatment most demanded by patients nowadays, the challenges facing the sector and new trends on their way in.



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