Collagen Inducer Training with Clínica Londres

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to carry out a theoretical and practical training at our facilities in Pamplona with some of the doctors of the London Clinic on our collagen inducers, Inbiotec Amber and Ultracol, led by our trainer Dr. Eduardo Moreno.
We were very grateful to have first class professionals, who knew first hand our headquarters, IT Pharma Academy and showed interest and enthusiasm for continuous learning, as well as the virtues and benefits of collagen inducers, and some other references that were discussed during the day.

During the practical training, they were able to see treatments with collagen inducers such as Ultracol in the facial area, neck and its spectacular result in dark circles, emphasising the minimal generation of adverse reaction compared to other references in the field of aesthetic medicine. Inbiotec Amber was also a protagonist during the session, due to its great capacity for mitochondrial regeneration and boosting cell metabolism, which makes it possible to treat cases of acne scars or dull skin and a feeling of tiredness in the face.
Thanks as always to Clínica Londres for their confidence in this company.


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