From Pamplona to Guangzhou, China: A road to international expansion in the Asian market

On 15 May 2024, the first launch of IT Pharma in China took place in Guangzhou, one of the top 100 cities in the cosmetics and aesthetic medicine industry according to sources such as ‘Born High Fashion’.
The entry into the Chinese market is an opportunity for IT Pharma to expand the brand and support a clear future direction for the company. Guo Jingzhi, Medical Training Manager of IT Pharma in China, stressed that ‘the essence of the new beauty industry is, in a nutshell, who can make customers spend the most “appropriate” money and deliver the best results under the premise of safety and compliance, being the demand that IT Pharma especially covers’.
The launch of the cosmetic lines in Guangzhou has been the launch pad for the laboratory into other parts of the territory. This event marks an important milestone for the international expansion of the brand, being both a challenge for the company and a new opportunity for sophisticated growth.


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