HARMONIE, new crosslinked hyaluronic acid line from IT Pharma

IT Pharma officially launches HARMONIE, its new medical device line of hyaluronic acid for new generation treatments. This release consists of three references, HARMONIE LITE, HARMONIE MED and HARMONIE SUPERIOR, with whom to approach differently the different aesthetic treatments that medical professionals demand today.

Harmonie Lite, is a hyaluronic acid with 15 mg per ml that is intended to treat fine wrinkles, perioral area, barcode, we could even treat lip hydration. Second, we have Harmonie Med, which is the intermediate as the name suggests. It is a 17.5 mg per ml hyaluronic. to treat medium wrinkles, lip contouring and volume. Finally we have Harmonie Superior, which is within the range the hyaluronic with the highest concentration, has 20 mg per ml and is designed to treat deeper wrinkles, corrections of facial features such as chin projection, all of them treatments that professionals know today and are in demand in clinics.

HARMONIE marks an important milestone for IT Pharma. In the words of Sergio García, Export Manager of the brand, ‘We are aware that it is a risky decision, because there are competitors in the market with extensive experience and a well-established positioning, but we trust that we bring our distributors and our clients a product of guarantees and quality that surely meets your needs very well. ‘

On the other hand, Álvaro López, Sales Manager, adds that ‘indeed competition in the sector is very high. However with the value proposition that we bring with Harmonie, we seek trust and security. Confidence for the professional who is going to use the product and safety for the patient or user who is going to receive the treatment. This is supported by three fundamental pillars, the low amount of BDDE residue in the product, its rheology that makes Harmonie a very moldable product and finally the user experience, since our fillers are within the physiological pH , makes the treatments a more pleasant experience, which is something of utmost importance for the professional and the person being treated ‘.

Javier Recalde, Director of Communication and Marketing at IT Pharma, highlights that for IT Pharma in terms of brand it represents a very important step. ‘We have lived a very unique year due to the circumstance we have previously spoken about. For IT Pharma this step that we have taken with Harmonie means a lot, it complements our medical device line, which we started two years ago with our Inbiotec Amber product, succinic with hyaluronic acid, ‘adds Recalde.

HARMONIE is now available throughout Europe and will subsequently make the leap to the Asian and Latin American markets. With this launch, IT Pharma completes its medical device line and hopes to present it in 2021 at major international events. ‘We want to thank our collaborators for the effort they have made in this difficult year, without which this project would not be possible. Let’s hope that in 2021 the situation improves and we will deal with all our distributors again and attend all those international events’, concludes García.


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