Harmonie: Precise and Safe Facial Masculinisation

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in interest in the natural harmonisation of the face, which is reflected in treatments such as facial masculinisation that reinforce masculine features and features.

This treatment is a set of procedures within the field of aesthetic medicine to enhance the personality of each face, where various biocompatible substances are applied to the body, such as hyaluronic acids, where the aim is to achieve definition in the jaw area, more pronounced chins and try to achieve more pronounced cheekbones.

One of the company’s products that enhance this type of treatment are the hyaluronic acids of the Harmonie line, where with different concentrations of this active ingredient, specifically 1.5%, 1.75% and 2.0%, natural, safe and long-lasting results are achieved. These three products manufactured in Spain have: Physiological PH, low endotoxin level, high BDDE level and viscosity, which makes them very interesting for any beautician and medical professional.

Each Harmonie variant is designed for specific objectives, from the correction of superficial wrinkles to the restoration of facial volume.

If you want to correct superficial wrinkles, lip contouring, crow’s feet and barcode treatments, Harmonie 1.5% containing 15 mg/ml is the most idyllic solution.

On the other hand, treatments to restore and correct facial volume and fill in mid-face skin depressions and furrows can be achieved with the high viscosity Harmonie 1.75%.

Finally, if what you want is to reshape and restore the volume of facial contours in the cheekbone, cheek, chin or jaw area, i.e. treatments that can be performed for patients who want to achieve facial masculinisation, this Harmonie product with 20 mg/ml of hyaluronic acid is the most recommended in the range.

In short, the Harmonie range offers a series of concentrations of hyaluronic acid that allow personalised treatments for facial harmonisation and masculinisation, guaranteeing natural and long-lasting results for every aesthetic need.

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