Improve the vitality of your hair with IT Pharma’s anti-hair loss treatment.

The concern of having damaged hair and its consequent loss due to the fear of not regenerating again in the follicles is becoming more and more frequent, which is why many people, including famous and recognised figures such as Iker Casillas, have had a hair graft or some type of anti-hair loss treatment.

Prestigious sources, such as Vogue, point to healthy hair as being shiny, silky in appearance, and it should also have good elasticity, looking bouncy all day long without losing its shape.

Counter-cautiously, what could be causing your hair to lose its vitality? Hormonal changes and certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy, menopause or thyroid problems, can be triggers. Genetics also plays a crucial role, especially in men, where a genetic predisposition to androgenic alopecia is more common. In addition, some medications can have side effects that affect hair. Even intense stress can contribute to hair loss. Normally, it is considered that losing between 50 and 100 strands per day is the most normal, a higher amount could indicate a hair loss problem.

As you can see there are many variables that influence the quality of an individual’s hair, some of the routines that you can carry out in your daily life to improve it and keep it healthier could be brushing it before washing it, showering with warm water, having a good hydration and water consumption, applying oils to the hair especially if it is damaged or damaged, and finally, avoiding touching and playing with it.

All these indications together with a healthy and balanced diet would be perfected with the use of IT Pharma’s Inbiohair, a hair regeneration treatment that revitalises the follicles, improves blood circulation and increases its thickness and volume. Its formula contains capixyl, which helps to improve hair anchorage, making it longer and thicker, procapil, which combats hair ageing, a series of growth factors and peptides, and amino acid, vitamin and mineral complexes, among the most important.

Another product that can be ideal together with the synergy of Inbiohair to boost this treatment is the regenerative and tensor power of Silicon Plus, which together with DMAE boosts lost firmness, helping to treat its symptoms and causes.

Maintaining healthy hair involves a set of good daily practices that influence its vitality. Treatments such as Inbiohair and Silicon Plus can strengthen and regenerate hair, addressing hair concerns that can often lead to insecurity in many people.


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