Inbiotec Amber in the Master in Aesthetic Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid

The IT Pharma injectable combining succinic acid with hyaluronic acid was present in the practical workshops of the Master in Aesthetic, Regenerative and Anti-ageing Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid.
Inbiotec Amber Master in Aesthetic Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid

During the workshop, Doctor Luis De Sola Semería, the Academic Coordinator of the Master, gave a number of demonstrations of the different facial mesotherapy techniques and products.

In the words of the doctor, “Innovation does not consist in developing new techniques or products separately, but using them in combination in order to get the best result. With Inbiotec Amber, we are seeking to provide the hydration of hyaluronic acid to the skin while at the same time achieving an antioxidant and anti-aging effect thanks to the synergy with succinic acid”.

Doctor De Sola highlighted the unique characteristics of AMBER, adding that “there are few innovations in the field of facial mesotherapy, which means that it is extremely interesting to work with a product such as Amber, thanks to its capacity to combine the traditional hydration of hyaluronics with the succinic antioxidant and protective action against free radicals. It is of great interest to our students to learn about these innovations in the sector and to know how to apply them throughout their professional career”.


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