IT Pharma and the European Forum for the retention of talent in Navarra

Pamplona, Navarra – In a joint effort to promote and retain local talent, IT Pharma, a Navarra-based manufacturer of medical devices and cosmetics for aesthetic medicine, and Foro Europeo, a renowned business school in Navarra, have established a partnership to provide students with practical opportunities that complement their academic training and, at the same time, strengthen the competitiveness of local companies.

One of the fruits of this collaboration is the integration of Estela Basterrechea, a student of the double degree in Finance and International Trade of the European Forum, in the commercial department of IT Pharma, where she is doing her internship. This experience, in Estela’s words, has been “a very dynamic experience as the department I am in is very active, in constant communication with international clients and this allows me to learn about the importance and rigour of client management, how complicated it is sometimes to generate qualified leads, the empathy you have to have when working with other cultures. It is allowing me to develop my communication skills, analysis, interpreting and knowing how to read the client’s demands for the mutual benefit of both institutions”.

For the Navarra-based laboratory, a developer of medical devices and professional cosmetics, it is also an added value to promote local value retention. Carlos Ganuza, IT Pharma’s financial and legal director, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Foro Europeo. We strongly believe in investing in local talent and giving students an opportunity to grow professionally. Estela is proving to be a valuable addition to our team and we are confident that her experience here will provide her with key tools for her future”.

For her part, Asun Egurza, Head of Student Guidance and Mentoring and lecturer in the Marketing area at Foro Europeo emphasises that “Our aim is to prepare our students so that they can successfully face the challenges of the business world. Internships in companies such as IT Pharma are essential for students to acquire a practical and real vision of what they have learned in the classroom and to be able to apply it. We are very proud of Estela’s performance and grateful to IT Pharma for opening its doors to our students and contributing to their professional training”.
This collaboration is an outstanding example of how partnerships between educational institutions and companies can generate mutual benefits and contribute to the economic and social development of Navarra, thus strengthening the local business fabric.


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