IT Pharma is officially presented in Kuwait

IT Pharma has been officially presented in Kuwait after closing a collaboration agreement with the Kuwaiti entity Aumet For Pharmaceuticals & Medical Disposables Co., belonging to the Sadita Holding Company business group for the distribution and marketing of the brand’s cosmetic and health products in Kuwait. .

The formalization of this business collaboration agreement materialized last Monday, March 28, at an institutional event held in Kuwait City in which the products of the IT Pharma lines were presented and which included, among others, the presence of Don Miguel Moro, Spanish ambassador in Kuwait, different members of the Spanish commercial economic office, as well as Mr. Tareq Al Fozan Distinguished member of the Administrative Body of the Sadita Holding Company business group. On behalf of IT Pharma, Álvaro López, Sales Executive and Carlos Ganuza, legal and financial director, attended the event.

The collaboration agreement with the entity AUMET includes the distribution and commercial representation of the main lines of professional cosmetics, ELEMENTS, Inbiotec and ESSENTIALS, professional cabin products for beauty and aesthetic centres, as well as the lines of medical devices Inbiotec Amber and HARMONIE in Kuwait . During the presentation, live demonstrations of treatments with hyaluronic acid and succinic acid injectables were carried out by an IT Pharma aesthetic doctor.

In the words of Álvaro López, “This agreement represents a very important step for IT Pharma. The presence in Kuwait and therefore in the Arab culture and in the Persian Gulf means a lot and we want it to be a long and prosperous relationship. This represents an expansion for our brand of a very significant scope and penetration in a market with a strong impact in the region due to its privileged geostrategic position. In addition, the knowledge of the market and the positioning of our partners in Kuwait, as well as the potential for growth in the Middle East and the commercial representation of IT Pharma in the area, gives us the opportunity to enter this difficult and protectionist market in a much simpler way. The reception we have received from AUMET has been magnificent, as well as the presence of the Spanish ambassador Don Miguel Moro at the institutional event, it has meant a lot to us as a brand”.


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