IT Pharma presents its new line INBIOTEC

Five new high-range treatments that incorporate selective and smart bio-technologically-sourced components.

Five new high-range treatments that incorporate selective and smart bio-technologically-sourced components

INBIOTEC is the IT Pharma group’s new high-range product line. This company is a pioneer in the cosmetic and aesthetics sector, and its experience has enabled Inbiotec to apply its knowledge to incorporate new active ingredients and molecules in the field of aesthetic, introducing highly effective formulas to the world of cosmetic and dermatological treatments.

Inbiotec has five new treatments for different parts of the body and face, including anti-cellulite, capillary, de-pigmentation and skin regeneration products. The introduction of bio-technologically-sourced components such as growth factors, biomimetic peptides and active plant and marine ingredients are some of the foundations that allow INBIOTEC to develop formulas that are completely different to other products.

SMART COSMETICS introduce the new feature of acting selectively and intelligently. They stimulate all regeneration processes to perfection, act directly on the cutaneous tissue via receivers and act as antagonists or agonists of cell mechanisms by changing, controlling and regulating their biochemical functions.

The new Smart Cosmetics line acts on different skin levels, stimulating the synthesis of proteins that form the extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, fibronectin and laminin), enhancing and speeding up skin scarring, reducing inflammatory skin reactions, and preventing the deterioration of collagen and elastin through damage caused by the external environment (UV, pollution, etc.) or by ageing.

The new INBIOTEC brand treatments are Inbioface (Facial), Inbiofat (Anti-cellulite), Inbiohair (Capillary), Inbioclear (De-pigmentation) and Inbioregen (Regeneration).

Thanks to biotechnology, it is now possible to develop cosmetics with “programmed” active ingredients. In other words, they are developed to perform “clear and specific functions on the skin, acting from the root of the problem, providing everything needed to recover its full beauty and plenitude”.

All the formulas are subjected to stability and safety tests regarding product use. Packaging materials undergo tests to ensure compatibility with the contents.

Our formulas are accompanied by a technical file and comply with current regulations in Europe, the USA and other countries.


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