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Article published in June no. 2 of IT AESTHETIC NEWS, by Dalia Durán, Technical trainer and collaborator of IT Pharma.
It is hardly surprising that summer is most people’s favourite season, with the longer days, time at the beach or swimming pool and holidays. However, all these wonderful things that make us long for this time of year can also cause real problems if we do not take extra care of our skin. This article describes the most common negative skin reactions and the IT Pharma products and treatments that can help to prevent or improve these occurrences, as well as recommendations on good home skincare routines, which will help to prolong skin protection and regeneration.

Skin dehydration and irritation are among the most common skin concerns in summer. They can be caused by different factors such as continuous sun exposure or sudden temperature changes between the heat and sun outdoors and air conditioning indoors. Furthermore, contact with harmful chemical substances such as chlorine in swimming pools can also promote dehydration and irritation in sensitive skin or even in normal skin if the chlorine level is too high.

If the skin is also dehydrated, it is more likely to burn when exposed to the sun during peak hours or prolonged sun exposure. This results in hyperpigmentation in many skin types: dark spots appear on the skin, which may be caused by different factors. Although this may be genetic or familial, such as freckles, it can also be caused by sunburn or using photosensitising products such as retinol. In other cases, it is due to undergoing treatments that may also have photosensitising effects on the skin, such as laser hair removal.

On other occasions, we believe that it is very difficult to have an acne outbreak in summer, since it is usually a time when the skin dries quite a bit, it is common to go to the beach and, as we know, the sea water tends to dry us out skin a lot. But that does not prevent us from having an acne breakout.Firstly, oily skin should be properly moisturised since the skin’s defence against any external factors is to produce more sebum. Therefore, not moisturising the skin or not doing so properly will lead to a rebound effect, which results in acne. But the addition of the summer heat and increased perspiration also increases the likelihood of a sudden acne breakout.

Why? Because sweat, bacteria and some oils in daily cosmetics cause the pores to become blocked and therefore, the skin also defends itself by increasing sebum secretion.

Demand for facial treatments in clinics or aesthetic centres is therefore based on these skin concerns. The most requested treatments include moisturising treatments, vitamin-rich treatments to provide radiance to the skin, anti-acne treatments and anti-dark circle treatments.

Maintaining healthy, moisturised and radiant skin is very easy with IT Pharma products. Here are some suitable products and the best techniques or treatments for using them.

HA Lifting Classic or Hyaluronic Acid is the star active ingredient for hydrating, plumping and firming, as it participates in collagen synthesis and is capable of redensifying and hydrating the skin. It is the base of any professional treatment and helps to capture water in the skin and extend this hydration with products used at home.

HV Lifting achieves a revitalising, antioxidant and regenerating effect thanks to the power of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and coenzymes. It can also be used as a base for any treatment and helps to achieve ultra-radiant skin.

Meanwhile, Renovation Lift is the perfect solution for restoring skin tone, brightness and elasticity thanks to its formulation rich in Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE and a multivitamin complex, making it ideal for achieving moisturised, radiant skin. It also contains anti-ageing active ingredients to combat expression lines that may look more pronounced following sun exposure.

Cumarin is a treatment that improves microcirculation due to its formulation with powerful bioflavonoids. Furthermore, Centella asiatica stimulates collagen production, while coumarin achieves a venotonic, anticoagulant, vasoprotective and diuretic effect.

Caffeine or Cafein would also help us to improve microcirculation and as a drain, for example, in the area of the bags.

On the other hand, as a draining agent for this same area, we could also use Cynarin, which not only helps us with the retention of liquid in the bags, but also helps us to close the pore in combination or oily skin and improve the appearance of the skin. the skin.

We can also achieve skin regeneration thanks to Organic Silicon, which is essential to maintain elasticity, since it participates in its production processes as well as collagen.

As one of the main skin problems, especially in summer, is usually sun exposure, we have FA&HA or Ferulic Acid, a finisher for any cabin treatment, which helps us protect and repair the skin after exposure to rays. UV light, as well as providing an antioxidant and moisturizing factor.

In addition, after a sunburn, another of IT Pharma’s most recognized products can help us soothe, regenerate and hydrate the skin: the Arctic Noir Mask, with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and Aloe Vera among other active ingredients.

The important thing within the clinic/booth is to advise our clients/patients and prepare personalized cocktails to find the best technique depending on their needs. Among the different techniques we can use some as well known as radiofrequency or electroporation.

With electroporation, an increase in the conductivity and permeability of the cell membrane is achieved, which favors the penetration of active substances through the cell channels by generating an electromagnetic field, applied externally to the tissues without needles, therefore painlessly, and with great efficiency and reliability.

On the other hand, with the microneedling we will induce the generation of collagen and elastin, greatly facilitating the introduction of the active ingredient.

Of course, this is always accompanied by a great ally, the sun protection factor.



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