Ultra CleanSkin, the first step in your professional treatments

Ultra CleanSkin

IT Pharma introduces Ultra CleanSkin, a cleansing gel for all skin phototypes from the Essentials line, as the first step in the protocol of professional aesthetic and beauty treatments.

Ultra CleanSkin completes the first step of cabin treatments, cleansing the skin in a deep and non-aggressive way, thus leaving a smooth and soft skin prepared for the introduction of higher concentration active ingredients such as ELEMENTS, Inbiotec or any medical treatment. aesthetic.

In the composition of the cleanser, the Iris Florentina extract stands out, which is used as a cosmetic ingredient for its positive effect on the skin. Thanks to its high content of isoflavones, it regulates sebaceous secretion. In addition, it has purifying properties, helps maintain hydration by providing elasticity.

Ultra CleanSkin is the first step in a professional aesthetic or medical treatment, helping to improve skin hydration and nourishing it with different fatty acids.


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