ULTRA EYE CONTOUR, the new eye contour of ESSENTIALS line

A daily use serum to rejuvenate the look, reduce dark circles and the appearance of bags in the periorbital area.

IT Pharma introduces a serum that contains a combination of active compounds such as scelleye, eyeliss and eyeseryl, specifically designed to treat the eye contour area, which is one of the most delicate parts of the body.

The product container comes with a micro-vibration device to enhance the penetration and activity of the active ingredients. With this system, the product can be applied quickly and easily and with no loss at all.

Although ULTRA EYE CONTOUR is intended for home care, it can also be used as part of in-cabin treatment as a complement to facial treatment in order to highlight and brighten the eye area. The 20g format makes it exceedingly versatile, allowing it to be used anywhere at anytime.

The product is applied by gently massaging the eye contour area and leaving it to act until fully absorbed. The recommended application is at least twice a day.

Furthermore, Ultra Eye Contour not only restores the brightness and tone of the eye area, but also improves the micro-circulation in the periorbital area, to de-puff under-eye bags and reduce wrinkles.


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