Ultracol in the historic American magazine Newsweek

The prestigious and historic financial news and current affairs magazine Newsweek reports on Ultracol, the injectable liquid polydioxanone distributed by IT Pharma.

In an interview with its creator, Dr. Kwon talks about the benefits and virtues of PDO microspheres and their significant advantages over other collagen inducers present in aesthetic medicine, highlighting especially the capacity to generate collagen and the negligible presence of adverse effects, such as nodules or granulomas.

Newsweek is a news and analysis magazine that has been one of the most influential in the international media landscape for decades. Founded in 1933, it has maintained a reputation for journalistic excellence and has been recognized for its coverage of a wide range of topics, from politics and economics to culture and science.

ULTRACOL is the first injectable collagen inducer made with liquid Polydioxanone, which safely and effectively stimulates the synthesis of new collagen while helping to restore volume.

Polydioxanone is a material that has been well known by the best specialists in Aesthetic Medicine around the world for years. A material that due to its extraordinary qualities has been used as a suture thread for 40 years in surgeries that require a high degree of safety such as ophthalmic, fetal or cardiac surgery and that 15 years ago began to be used as a biostimulator at dermal level in the same format of suture thread (mini threads), giving excellent results.


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