Training with the Master of Aesthetic Medicine AMIR

On November 20, an exclusive training on Facial Harmonization and Skin Regeneration for students of the Master in Aesthetic Medicine AMIR took place at Dr. Bline’s clinic in Madrid, organized by IT Pharma and given by doctors Lidici Santana and Sandra Duque.

During the day, the students and Master’s alumi had the opportunity to verify in a practical and real way the benefits, injection techniques and particularities of the HARMONIE cross-linked hyaluronic acid line and, on the other hand, the characteristics of succinic acid from Inbiotec Amber. In an eminently practical day, the doctors were able to carry out the treatments directly with the doctors and see first-hand the peculiarities of each line, as well as their complexities when approaching the treatments.

In the words of the training assistant and doctor, Guillermo Llopis, “It has been a fantastic morning. The truth is that we hope to have more training sessions like this because you learn a lot. Very happy with the Amber Inbiotec and the hyaluronic line“.

Among the volunteers to receive the treatments, the presence of the journalist and TV presenter Javier de Hoyos stood out, who received a regenerative treatment with Inbiotec Amber or the actress Mónica Soria.


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